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Image Recipe Name+ Vegetarian Low GI Good 4 Kids Meal Type Serves Kids can make
Dried Fruit Compote
For a stylish dessert try this tasty dried fruit compote.
vegetarian Desserts 6
Fresh Fruit Compote
This fruit compote brings the taste of summer tastes great with a scoop of icecream.
vegetarian Desserts 6
Fruit Crumble
A delicious fruit crumble.
Fruit Salad
An inspired combination of fruity flavours, makes this refreshing dessert a real treat.
vegetarian lowgi kids ok Desserts kids cook
Fruit Trifle
This delightful trifle recipe is a great dessert to round off a meal & is simple to prepare.
Desserts 10
Lime & Mascarpone Cheesecake
For an indulgent treat try this creamy & delightfully simple cheesecake recipe - no cooking required.
Desserts 8
Mini Apple Pies
Mini apple pies with a crisp apple taste.
Mini Quiches
These easy to make mini quiches are an ideal finger food for any occasion.
vegetarian Desserts
Pear Plum & Almond Tart
For a delightful dessert this recipe combines plums, pears & almonds to give you something special.
Desserts 6

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