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Image Recipe Name+ Vegetarian Low GI Good 4 Kids Meal Type Serves Kids can make
Pineapple Pies
A tropical pie that is worth a try.
Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce
For an indulgent treat try these poached pears drizzled with delightful chocolate sauce.
Raspberry & White Chocolate Waffle Pudding
A delicious pudding desert.
Rhubarb Crumble
Enriched with the flavours of cinnamon & vanilla this rhubarb crumble recipe is a popular winter warmer.
Desserts 4
A simple but good scone recipe.
Sponge Kisses
An easy to make sponge desert.
Strawberries in peak supply
Larger and better quality strawberries are now available as strawberries are coming into peak supply, prices will be at their lowest very soon.
Strawberry Mousse
The perfect do-ahead dessert. Try this moreish strawberry mousse that oozes fresh strawberry flavour.
Desserts 8

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